Slingo Deluxe

Slingo Deluxe

A very simple game to acumulate points by covering numbers

The Objective of Slingo Deluxe is to accumulate the highest number of points by covering all the numbers on your game card in 20 spins or less.
To start you get a game card with 25 numbers, under this card there are five wheels which spin and give you a group of random numbers, jokers, or different icons like a cherub, devil or coins, these numbers are the ones to match with the ones in your card.

The game presents 3 modes: Classic, Mixed Matrix, and Patterns. You can change backgrounds, keep track of your scores, and control audio.

"Slingo Deluxe" is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, and is not available for Mac.

This is a basic game, not many exciting features, and poor graphics (this is an old version). It is really simple to understand and play but gets boring too fast.

If you like casino style games, you may enjoy this game but I don't recommend it (definitely wouldn't pay for it). It offers a 60 minute trial, so if you are planning on buying it, you should download ant test it first.

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Graphics, too simple
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